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561  889-8280

FACEBOOK PAGES : where have much more information regarding the treatment and rehabilitation of the animals in their progress albums, loaded with photos, as well as albums of our adoptable animals.  Please come find us on there. for my profile page (add friend) for our official FB page (“like”)


MAILING ADDRESS: PO BOX 6232, West Palm Beach Fl 33405

NEW LOCATION as of November 2013: we have moved to a 3.8 acre private residential property that does not allow the rescue business to be done on the property…we are however able to showcase the dogs and cats on the property should you want to see our animals for adoption.. please call number above to make an appointment.  We are not a public accessible facility, it is more of a foster home for the dogs.  We have odd hours … but the animals can be seen typically between 1030 and 130 by appointment only or after 5 p.m. before 730 again by appointment only.

OUR ADOPTABLE ANIMALS:  if you wish to see what we have available for adoption and you can check out our facebook profile or you can go to and plug in the zip code 33405 which will bring up a portion of MisFit ResQ pets currently for adoption.  ??? please also understand that they do not show case all of our animals at once if you are looking for something specific email me or contact me by phone directly and I will try to match it with the best possible pet for you and your needs.

PHONE: 561 889 8280