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BEFORE & AFTER the transformations of a shelter dog !

This is where we can show the public just a portion of the  amazing work we do. 

BEFORE and AFTER    is dedicated to just a fraction of the major transformations that we have done with severe skin issues. 

We have many more pictures to add, as this page is a work in progress…



ADOPTABLE ROSIE was a 3 month old American Bulldog with severe demodex mange when we got her on 3/21/11. Her initial recovery took just 4 months which is this after photo, which doesn’t do her justice for today. She is deaf, and is available for adoption but she needs a home that is dilligent with her needs. She does know some sign language and has worked with a Dogtra collar, a highly recommended collar for deaf dogs.  A second dog would be better for her as she loves to play and the otehr dog can help her guide her. She is a love bug.  And one of the most grateful dogs we have ever had.

rosie after (2)

Rosie LOVES the water!

SNICKERS   a mothers day present for her to come out of PBC ACC … in May 2013 at 1 year and 3 months of age… within 3 months she was beautiful again.  One of the sweetest and most grateful dogs you just might ever meet.  She still waits for her forever home. 


ASTER a flower which stands for  powerful love is a 2 to 3 year old love bug that was used as a breeder and then left behind locked in a bathroom with no food and water by her owners.  She started to eat her way out of the bathroom to survive, in the process breaking nearly all her teeth,  in hopes that someone may find her and help her.  Emaciated and scared she finally had that day come.  She was rescued by a group in Northern Florida that aired her info on Facebook needing a rescue to step up for her.  I saw the potential in this adoring face and knew she deserved a chance.  I drove the 5 hours to her temporary home and brought her back to be a surrogate mother to two 4 month old pit puppies that were taken from their mom too soon 3 months before.  She is an absolutely spending dog who just wants to love and please!

Aster blurb (2)

ELLA was one of the 350+ dogs that were in pending doom when the MDAS facility needed to shut their doors for a distemper outbreak in March of 2011.  Having had already taken out 33 dogs I saw the picture of Ella on her kennel card and said there is NO way that this poor baby will die in that place.  Shy and scared and broken  She came hiome with us as one of the final two of 35 dogs and on the last day of their evacuation.  3.27.11 … 2 and a half years later she was finally adopted because I had brought her along for a meet and greet with 3 other dogs.  Ella was terrified of events and so her exposure was very limited.  The minute they met her they tried her and two weeks later they adopted.  They absolutely love her and every day she shows more improvement on the true dog she really is.  WONDERFUL!

ELLA before (2)

her kennel card photo

ELLA after



ella back

demodex before and after


CUPCAKE came to us as a 2 month old balding severe demodex puppy with so much love and life and in 2 months she was a totally different dog …in 8 months even more so… nearly 3 years after her arrival… she was adopted and is loved by her family ever so much. 

IMG_3023 IMG_0738


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