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About Us


A Non Profit Rescue Rehabilitation and Relocation Program Dedicated to Finding the Perfect Fit.

Located in West Palm Beach, I have dedicated my life to the welfare of animals since 1996 in honor of my Labrador Doby who endured much neglect during my drinking and drugging days. I have been sober since January 14, 1995 and my living amends to my dog has been the care and rehabiitation of animals both great and small, wild or tame, and feral or domestic. Most animals can change behaviors if just taught a new one… so… the saying… “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”… is full of bologna!


OUR SPECIALTIES: MisFit ResQ focuses on the ‘least likely’ adoptable dogs from high kill shelters, mainly MDAS, and rehabilitates them from their ‘issues’.  Some have broken bones, severe skin issues, neurological needs, are (fear) biters or other medical needs that place them into less viewable areas of te shelter, some where the public doesnt have access.  In Miami Dade Animal Services many are are given a very short time to find a new home, Owenr surrenders can be PTS (put to sleep) at any given moment upon intake. Many have emotional issues because of fear, sadness, depression and anxiety, which puts tem at a higher risk of early euthanasia.  MisFit ResQ feels that most animals in such an environment are acting on their conditions, and the energy of the facility.  What may appear to be unadoptable to one, MisFit feels the complete opposite.   ALL animals are adoptable given the right opportunity.  Many times animals end up in shelters because the energy of the human and the personality of the dog or cat, JUST DONT FIT.  MisFit ResQ is dedicated to finding that perfect fit.

This rescue is primarily run by one person, Sandra (myself), with amazing volunteers that help care for the animals during events and in the facility.  I personally work with all animals in rehab and quarantine, and work through most of the emotional issues at my home before they move to the facility, where their care is continued as is socialization through regular playtime.  All adoptions are done by me personally, and I take great pride in finding that perfect fit based on energy and compatibility of pet to human.

Our foster to adopt program has shown great success with finding new homes for our long term residents.  If you aren’t sure about a new pet, or how one would be with an existing pet .. this is a great opportunity to find out if it is indeed the right fit for all. 

We have begun to focus primarily on the bully breeds and Chihuahua like dogs as they seem to be flooding the high kill facilities.  We are not equipped for drop off and we often have a waiting list for surrenders.  We have trainers to help and medical options to offer.  We think outside the box and try to work on the energy between owner and animal. 

We are ALWAYS looking for fund raising ideas and opportunities.  If you have an idea… please let us know :)   


As of mid September 2014 we were able to move into our new rescue facility, which we refer to as the sanctuary.  Many of the dogs we rescue as well as cats will never find a home outside of the one we create for them while in our care.  We have obtained this large property with the hope of giving more activity, more life, and more playtime to their daily lives of living in a crate (required for safety and insurance) in a homelike building.  It is a residential property and the zoning restricts our ability to have open hours like our old facility but having nearly 4 acres as opposed to 1/3 of an acre is far more exciting and fun for them.

Many go out in pairs or groups, a few are solo dogs due to animal aggressive tendencies.  We do strive to have partners for all animals we take in.  The cats are loose and currently awaiting a free standing building of their own that we will build out of concrete which will double as a safe house also during hurricanes for the dogs, due to mandatory evacuation on the manufactured structure they are currently in.

Donations are desperately needed for such a facility and anything to sustain the animals on a daily bases is also greatly appreciated and needed.


AS OF 9.15.2018 the sanctuary is nearly completed.  We have had the ability to build this amazing place for the dogs and cats and now two pit belly pigs of MisFit Resq with the help of a very generous loan. Settled on 4 ACRES of space, we have been able to utilize neqarly all of it to care for these critters we take in, many of them seniors or behavioral setbacks which make it harder to get them adopted. They have playgroups and have yards to run around and play in.