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*** Please note that this website is not updated as frequently as our facebook profile is please feel free to contact me there for information on all our pets for adoption or sponsorship.

URGENT UPDATE  Due to the length of stay most of our animals need to find a  new home, many not ever finding one, we are restricted on intake and we are not a drop off facility. Donations would be greatly appreciated and 100% of all donations goes to the animals we care for and are 100% tax deductible. Sponsorship is based on the size of the animal and can be done in monthly automatic deductions.  Please click the DONATE tab for more information and a weight chart. 


Mama Isis… an incredible mother and dog…. adopted with one of her sons

PHONE: 561*889*8280 EMAIL MISSION STATEMENT: MisFit ResQ, is a non profit-501c3 animal rescue that focuses primarily on the animals that would not have a chance, many of which are highly adoptable dogs or cats, with emotional issues, abandonment, or medical setbacks that just need working out. We focus on the “underdogs”, the ones with broken bones, behavioral blocks, or mommies with puppies; typically the ones closest to euthanasia. The animals brought into MisFit ResQ’s program may have been found, abandoned, or surrendered to a high kill shelter, where their chances of adoption are less than average, or off the street. It is our focus to maintain good health and good emotional well being, while developing them into wonderful loving adoptable companions.

OUR GOAL: MisFit ResQ is a non profit 501c3 animal rescue, rehabilitation and relocation program dedicated to finding the perfect fit. To place animals with the cortrect owners so they never need to be placed in a dangerous posibiity again.  We are not like most rescues.  We help alot of dogs (as well as kitties) that many rescue pass up due to medical expenses. Our goal is to make a difference to those with special needs, and our primary purpose is “rescue”, then rehabilitate and finally relocate/rehome.

WHERE WE ARE: The  MisFit animals have MOVED..  to a private residential property we now call the sanctuary. A 3.81 acre facility to ensure happiness, safety, and all around good health for the many we have that may never find a home.  PUBLIC ACCESS is no longer an option with “open” hours, however we still will be able to do BY APPOINTMENT as well as in house meet and greets.  We are near PBI and east of Haverhill Road so we are not that far from where we were.  If you wish to make an appointment to meet and greet the dogs  or cats … please feel free to text/call or email. 

ANIMALS FOR ADOPTION: please click on the tab that says adoptable babies  … best and most current place is our Facebook profile Please bear with us, as the animals are not always updated on PetFinder as quickly as we may like.  Please feel free to ask about others that may be available that are not listed.

FOSTER TO ADOPT: This is a program we offer that many rescues don’t.  We feel that in order to have the “perfect fit”, that fit needs to be based on a trial run.  We offer 1-4 week times to allow your potential adoption to mke its “fit”  We ask that you give it no less than one week, as that is the time it usually takes for a dog (cats can be longer)  to adjust to their new surroundings.  Out dog are currently crate trained, and we ask that during the trial, the potential adopter continue to keep the training, if for some reason things dont work out, then their training has not been swayed.  We can provide a temporary kennel if needed, and will retrieve any articles borrowed during the TRIAL time.  Leashes, collars or harnesses  and crate are included for trial, and can be purchased if desired 

EDUCATION: Misfit ResQ Inc. will also be doing education seminars and workshops on the importance of spay/neuter, and vaccinations.   We also offer information regarding treatment of skin problems, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, and other assorted “outside the box”  treatments for the best possible overall care of your pet.  We ARE NOT vets, but given the experience I have learned over 15 years and the experience of my colleagues, we have managed to find some amazing remedies.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: We are available for school credits or other community service hours, as we are a non profit 501(c)3 recognized charity.   Community service hours would be as arranged.

SANCTUARY INFO:  As of mid September 2014 we were able to move into our new rescue facility, which we refer to as the sanctuary.  Many of the dogs we rescue as well as cats will never find a home outside of the one we create for them while in our care.  We have obtained this large property with the hope of giving more activity, more life, and more playtime to their daily lives of living in a crate (required for safety and insurance) in a homelike building.  It is a residential property and the zoning restricts our ability to have open hours like our old facility but having nearly 4 acres as opposed to 1/3 of an acre is far more exciting and fun for them. 

Many go out in pairs or groups, a few are solo dogs due to animal aggressive tendencies.  We do strive to have partners for all animals we take in.  The cats are loose and currently awaiting a free standing building of their own that we will build out of concrete which will double as a safe house also during hurricanes for the dogs, due to mandatory evacuation on the manufactured structure they are currently in. 

 Donations are desperately needed for such a facility and anything to sustain the animals on a daily bases is also greatly appreciated and needed.  Please click the donate tab on top for options to donate.